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We all know how many fans Taylor Swift has. But few actually know all the lyrics to her songs. Are you one of those people? Just a few simple questions

and you'll find out! Please comment and rate. Please no cussing in the comments or I will remove this quiz! I hope you get a good score if not... then you are not a true fan of her.

Created by: DracoMalfoyFan
  1. And I never ___ you coming. And I'll never be the ___.
  2. Loving him is like ___ a new ___ down a dead end street.
  3. Two ___ shine through the ___ night.
  4. I knew you were ___ when you ___ in.
  5. It was ___ I was ___ I remember it all to well.
  6. Everything will be ___ if you keep me ___ to you.
  7. I bet this ___ of night you're still ___
  8. You go __ to your friends talk to my ___ talk to me.
  9. I'm ___ sure we almost ___ up last night.
  10. This is the ___ time I'm __ you.
  11. And I ___ we fell apart in the ___ way.
  12. What a ___ , beautiful, tragic, love ___.
  13. And they'll tell you ___ you're the ___ one.
  14. Cause all I ___ is we said ___.
  15. i said oh __ what a ___ tune.
  16. But on a ___ in a ___ I watched it begin again.

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