Are you a fan of Taylor Swift?

There are loads and loads of fans for Taylor Swift out there but not all of them know a lot about her, most just follow her songs and buy her latest albums,

but are you a actual fan? Well, if your not sure, then take this quiz but if you think you are, proove it! Leave me your results in your comments at the end!

Created by: Jemima
  1. What is Taylor Swift's middle name?
  2. When is her birthday?
  3. What was Taylor's best friend?
  4. What is Taylor's mums name?
  5. What is Swift's dad's name?
  6. How old is she?
  7. does she have any other siblings?
  8. whats her favourite drink?
  9. What's her favourite food?
  10. Her most embarrassing moment?

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Quiz topic: Am I a fan of Taylor Swift?