How well do you know Taylor Swift

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Some people think that they know Taylor Swift so well that they are practilly family but not everyone can be related to Talor unless you beilive in that holy bololy stuff about Adam and Eve and if you do I apolagise.

If you think you know Taylor as well as you think you do then this is a quiz for you to find out.Just ten easy questions that you would have no problam answering if you knew her as well as I do.

Created by: Thorncraft

  1. Who is Taylor Swift
  2. What colour of hair does Taylor have
  3. What colour of eyes does Taylor have
  4. When is Taylor's birthday
  5. Whats Taylor's dad's name
  6. What was Taylor's mum's name
  7. What isTaylor's middle name
  8. Where was Taylor born
  9. What's the name of the song with the mentioning of Romeo and Juliet
  10. What children's movie did Taylor play a small part of singing Crazier

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Taylor Swift