Are you a true Taylor Swift fan??

A geniuse is a person who knows a ton about Taylor Swift. She rocks and if you are a geniuse Taylor is something you talk about daily. Every one should be one.

Yes i am!!!! I know everything about Taylor! She rocks my socks and you know it!! I talk about her every second and i know alot alot!! I wish i could meet her.

Created by: Madi

  1. Where does she put the most make-up on??
  2. What is her lucky #??
  3. How extreme will you go to show your passion!!
  4. What is her favorite show??
  5. Who is she dating!
  6. What is her favorite Book?
  7. What is Taylors middle name?
  8. What did she live on?
  9. What is her brothers name?
  10. On a scale of 1-1,000,000 how good is she.

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Taylor Swift fan??