which taylor swift song should you learn on guitar?

there are many taylor swift songs. she usaully writes them about relationships in the past, present and future.to take this quiz you should be a female and know how to play guitar.

so which song by taylor swift should you learn on guitar?take this quiz to find out!have fun!!!(also please keep in mind i may have m,ade some errors)

Created by: 1985rockengirl

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you love your mom/dad?
  2. do you have a guy friend you that you like but he doesn't know it?
  3. do you feel like you are in a love story with a guy?
  4. did a guy tell you he would love you forever or you guys would always be together, (ect.)?
  5. from the last question,did he not actually say that but it felt like that?
  6. from question 4,if a person you know but aren'e really friends with, asks if you like him, you'd...
  7. from question 4, do you cry about it?
  8. do you like tayllor swift?
  9. have you ever liked a guy?
  10. what song do you want to learn on guitar by taylor swift?
  11. will you eventually learn the song i choose for you in this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which taylor swift song should I learn on guitar?