Taylor Swift Obsession

Alot of people in this world have obbsessions. Do you have a Taylor Swift obbsession? Take this quiz to find out. It only takes like 2.5 minutes and it's easy.

And if you don't know the answer that is fine. Take a guess. Plus for some of the questions the is an Umm... answer. I hope you enjoy this quick quiz.

Created by: Tiff13

  1. What is her favorite color?
  2. Who was her 1st boyfriend?
  3. When is her birthday?
  4. What is her favorite season?
  5. Does she have a tattoo?
  6. Does she have 6 sisters named Andrea, Miley, Selena, Alison, Tiffany, May?
  7. What is her middle name?
  8. What is her grandmother's name?
  9. Who is her best friend in the buisness?
  10. What type of pet does she have?
  11. What is her pet's name?

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