The Harry Potter obsession quiz!

Welcome to the Harry Potter obsession quiz. After looking through countless websites, it was about time me and my good friend should make our own obsession quiz. Please answer truthfully and enjoy it!

There are quite a few questions, but stick with it until the end and you shall be rewarded with an obsession score which you can proudly brag about to your mates. Good Luck.

Created by: Luna
  1. Do you own a set of Harry Potter stamps?
  2. Do you own all the Books?(if no do not continue!)
  3. Do you own some of the books in hard AND paperback?
  4. In a foreign language?
  5. Any Harry potter lego or other models, figurines etc?
  6. Do you own more than five items of HP merchandise?
  7. Do you own or have you ever owned a HP t-shirt or other item of clothing?
  8. Do own a HP bag/purse/wallet of some kind?
  9. Have you read all the books more than:
  10. Do you often have highly detailed daydreams inventing yourself into the wizarding world?
  11. Have you written stories about this?
  12. Do you find yourself fantasizing about one of the characters?
  13. Have you named children/pets/your car after one of the characters?
  14. If no, have you considered it?
  15. Have you ever tried to slip a word such as 'nargle' into a conversation?
  16. Do you know what a nargle is?
  17. Do you know who's 'finest hour' Fred comments on in Azkaban?
  18. Do you bring up the subject of HP whenever possible?
  19. Have you:
  20. Do you own:
  21. 'I Hate the films they are completely wrong!'(or something to that effect)
  22. You have dressed up as one of the characters:
  23. Are you so like one of the characters that you gave yourself their name as your new nickname?
  24. Have you ever done a test to see:
  25. Do you own:
  26. Are you a member of/have you visited/created:
  27. Have you ever cried at the death of one or more of the characters?
  28. Do you now feel oddly empty knowing there are no more books to come?
  29. Have you written your own obsession test?
  30. Have you ever:
  31. You think Gary Oldman is so not Sirius? (especially now Padfoot is dead)
  32. You have made a list of everything wrong with the HP films.
  33. Have you taken the WOMBAT quiz on JK's website?
  34. Do your walls contain:
  35. Have you ever kissed said posters?
  36. Do you think there are things i Have missed out that would classify you as obsessed?

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