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  • I'm 87% obsessed

    Pottermore Dec 25 '15, 8:25AM
  • I'm %67 obsessed? cool it assumes that I read all of the books and saw all of the movies twice, but I only saw the first 3 movies, and I'm on the 6th Harry Potter book! So I'm waaaaay more obsessed than other people who didn't read all of the books or see all of the movies XD.

    rinabear Apr 11 '10, 2:15AM
  • Congratulations! You are 34% obsessed with Harry Potter!

    I'm presuming you've read the books, but that's probably the extent of your obsession. I'd say a half blood wizard. Good for you!

    Puppy xo1 Mar 26 '08, 8:14PM

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