The ulitamate Taylor Swift quiz

There are very many people who think they are Taylor Swift's number one fan and know much about her,but only a few people are truly talented to ace this quiz.

Are you a Taylor maniac? Do you truly have the skill to complete this test. Are you Taylor Swifts number 1 fan. Well in about a minute you will find out!"

Created by: Rachel and Tori

  1. What is Taylor Swift's favorite color
  2. What is Taylor Swift's middle name?
  3. What is Taylor Swift's brother's name?
  4. What kind of music does Taylor Swift sing
  5. What is Taylor Swift's lucky number
  6. When is Taylor's birthday
  7. What is Taylor Swift's favorite food?
  8. What is Taylor Swift's favorite thing to do?
  9. How old is Taylor Swift in 4-11-10 ?
  10. What is Taylor Swift's best friends name?

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