I Heart ? Taylor Swift Quiz

Lots of people have heard of Taylor Swift and her many awards. Many have heard her music. Some people think they are the true Taylor experpts. That is some peoples thoughts, but for some it is there reality. Find out if you are or not!

ARE You really it? Are you the true expert? The true expert of taylor Swift? Do you know her songs? Are you really the Taylor Swift expert? Take this quiz and see.

Created by: Mo
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  1. "You lift my feet off the ground and you spin around" is a line from which song?
  2. Which song relates to William Shakespere's "Romeo and Juliet" ?
  3. Does Taylor have any songs that are about her/someone dating/being in love with/ or hating a boy
  4. Which song mentions short skirts and tee shirts?
  5. Does Taylor Swift have brown hair?
  6. Was Taylor Swift in the Hannah Montana movie?
  7. If she was, what did she sing?
  8. What year of school is taylor saying she was in during the song "15"?
  9. Does Taylor have a brother?
  10. In the song I heart ? where does she say she wrote I heart ?

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