So you think you know Taylor Swift quiz

There are smart people and dumb people... But what is a smart person? A smart person is a person who studies there favorite person and takes a quiz and aces it....

Now the question is... are YOU smart? Are you smart enough to take this quiz? Do you know all about your favorite person (of corse we are talking bout Taylor)? All you have to do is take the quiz and find out if you are smart!!!

Created by: Alexus
  1. How old is Taylor Swift?
  2. Where was Taylor Swift born?
  3. Who did Taylor Swift use to date?
  4. What is Taylor Swift's favorite color?
  5. What is Taylor Swift's favorite food?
  6. What is Taylor Swift's main holiday she loves to celebrate?
  7. Who is her favorite singer?
  8. Who is Taylor Swift's best friend?
  9. Who is Taylor Swift's worst enemy?
  10. What day did Taylor meet Taylor Lauthner?

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