Taylor Swift used to be country, until she released a pop album 1989. She is flawless and kind. She was raised in Nashville, Tennesee to launch her singing career as country artist and released many popular albums like Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now and Red.

But do you know about this extremely flawless good-at-baking-cookies pop singer? Are you a Swiftie? You're about to find out in this difficult quiz! Also if you score 100% then WOW YOU ARE ONE OF TAYLORS NUMBER ONE SWIFTIES!!!

Created by: MeredithTheSwiftieKitty

  1. What is her full name?
  2. Who was she name after?
  3. Why did she die her hair in her videos Bad Blood and in Wildest Dreams?
  4. How old is she on Decemer 3 2015?
  5. What is her hair colour naturally?
  6. Is her hair naturally...
  7. What is her first song?
  8. What's her favourite colour?
  9. How much does her legs cost?
  10. Who has she fallen out with?
  11. Who is Bad Blood about?
  12. Who is Style about?
  13. Who is Stay Stay Stay about?
  14. Did you like this quiz?
  15. Will you comment and rate?

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