Taylor Swift ultimate biggest fan quiz

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Taylor Swift is the best celebrity ever. Be proud that you are a Swifty as she would be nothing without fans and also a lot of support. Her voice is amazing.

Are you an ultimate Swifty? If you think you are then try my quiz to find out. Thank you for even looking at one of my quizzes. This is my first one and there is more to come.

Created by: Georgia

  1. What is the hidden message in Taylor's song all too well?
  2. What show did she name her cat from?
  3. Who was Taylor Swift named after?
  4. Who has Taylor NOT dated?
  5. Who has Taylor NOT dated?
  6. Who is Taylor's best (non famous) friend?
  7. Who was her Husband is her music video mine?
  8. What is Taylor's favourite food?
  9. Who is not a member of Taylor's band?
  10. Who opened AND closed a tour for Taylor?

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