taylor swift lyrics quiz!

there are many people oout there to be number one Taylor Swift fans but are they really? or are they just saying that? Well this little quiz of mine is a way to find out! so come on prove to everyone that youre the taylor swift mega fan that you claim to be!!

Are you Taylor Swift obsessed?! If you think you arre maybe you should take my super awesome quiz on her lyrics! You will find it super fun! It will test to see if you are the ultimate Taylor Swift fan that you say you are!

Created by: jlynn99

  1. "the way you move is like a full on rainstorm and I'm a house of cards"
  2. "hold on baby youre losing it the waters high I'm jumping in to it and letting go, but no one knows"
  3. "I was seven and you were nine. I looked at you like the stars that shine in the sky the pretty lights."
  4. "I remember you dancing before bedtime and then jumping on me waking me up. I can still feel you hold my hand,little man"
  5. "so dont you worry your pretty little mind people throw rocks at things that shine.."
  6. "romeo take me some where we can be alone, ive been waiting all theres left to do is run.."
  7. "friday night beneath the stars...in the feild behind your yard.."
  8. "you could write a book on how to ruin someones...perfect...day!"
  9. "and youve got your share of secrets and im tired of being last to know"
  10. "stood there and watched you walk away..."

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