How much do you know about Taylor Swift?

How much do you know about Taylor Swift? Take this quiz and see. She is an awesome singer!!! Do you like her music? I hope so!!! I'd love to see her on tour.

Can you match her lyrics and name of the song together? The quiz will tell you if you can or not. Are you an expert or not? In just a few minutes you will find out if you know her or not.

Created by: amazon

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  1. Which song:September saw a month of tears and thanking God that you weren't here to see me like that.
  2. Which song: There's no time for tears, I'm just sitting here planning my revenge.
  3. Which song: He's the time taken up, but there's never enough and he's all that I need to fall into.
  4. Which song: Don't know what's down this road, I'm just walking trying to see though the rain coming down.
  5. Which song: You put up walls and paint them all a shade of gray and I stood there loving you and wished them all away.
  6. Which song: You saw me there, but never knew I would give it all up to be a part of this, a part of you.
  7. Which song: I geuss it's true that love was all you wanted, cause you're giving it away like it's extra change.
  8. Which song: I'm taking pictures in my mind so I can save them for a rainy day.
  9. Which song: You can see that I've been crying and baby you know all the right things to say.
  10. Which song: But your eyes still shined like pretty lights.
  11. Which song: Had gone all wrong and been trampled on and lost and thrown away.
  12. Which song: Everything I need is right here by my side.
  13. Which song: And all I think about is how to make you think of me and everything that we could be.
  14. Which song: And realized by the distance in your eyes that I would be the one to fall.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Taylor Swift?