Are you a Taylor Swift fan?

There are lots of Taylor Swift fans, but not very many Taylor Swift obsessed people. I, myself, love Taylor and know LOTS about her. She is so awesome!

Are YOU a Taylor Swift fan? Do you have what it takes to get 100% on this quiz? Take it and find out! Also, please rate it when you finish! Thanks for taking it.

Created by: Lulu Bunkington

  1. Which song includes this verse? "Kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain"
  2. What movie that Taylor Swift was in came out on March 2?
  3. How old was Taylor when she started writing songs?
  4. What is Taylor's middle name?
  5. Does she have any siblings? If so, what gender are they and what is their name?
  6. What is Taylor's lucky number?
  7. What is Taylor most comfortable in?
  8. Other than a music star, what is Taylor's dream job?
  9. What occupation did her grandmother have?
  10. Other than singing, songwriting, and playing her guitar, what is Taylor's hobby?
  11. Who was "Forever and Always" about?
  12. Who was "Back to December" about?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Taylor Swift fan?