Do you know your Taylor Swift songs?

Do you love Taylor Swift? Are you convinced that you are a top notch fan of the amazing singer that all of America knows and loves? Well this quiz will let you know whether you are or not!

You no longer have to wonder whether or not you are worthy of Taylor Swift. This quiz will tell you the honest truth and let you know whether you are a #2 fan (I'm #1) or a greatest fan wannabe.

Created by: Jacquie
  1. "Speak Now"- "I sneak in and see your friends"... What comes next?
  2. "Mean"- "And I can see the years from now in a bar"... What comes next?
  3. "Mine"- "Braced myself for a goodbye"... What comes next?
  4. Which song mentions Taylor's brother?
  5. "Teardrops on my Guitar"- "________ walks by me, can't he tell that I can't breathe"... Fill in the blank
  6. "White Horse"- "Begging for forgiveness, begging for me"... What comes next?
  7. How old was Taylor when she wrote her first song?
  8. "Our Song"- He looked around, turned the radio down and said"... What comes next
  9. "You Belong With Me"- She wears short skirts I wear _______"... Fill in the blank
  10. "Change"- "Repeating history and you're getting"... What comes next?
  11. "Should've Said No"- "But do you honestly expect me to believe"... What comes next?
  12. "You took me by the hand and picked me up at _:_ _"... what time?
  13. "Back To December"- "Small talk, work and the _______"... Fill in the blank
  14. "Fifteen"- "When your fifteen and your first kiss makes"... What comes next?
  15. "Tim McGraw"- "That had a tenincy of getting stuck back roads at night"... What cones next?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Taylor Swift songs?