The Taylor Swift Swiftie test. (HARD!!!)

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Hi there! My name is Jean and this will be the best T-Swift quiz you will ever take in your life! I hope you're ready for it. (Pun intended ^_^) Lets all try to get her videos to 1B views on Youtube!

P.S. everybody go listen to Taylor on whatever streaming service you use, and request her songs for the radio!!!Lets also get Taylor's videos 1b views on Youtube.

Created by: Jean Z.
  1. Ok, first question. What year did Tay Tay's debut album drop.
  2. Which of these songs are ACTUALLY on fearless?
  3. Who inspired most of the Fearless songs? ( srry, had to ask.)
  4. Finish the sentence: "I don't think you should wait, I think you should..?
  5. The original All Too Well was a 5 minute song, how long was it originally intended to be? Hint: Taylor's version is out now!
  6. Finish the lyrics! I guess we fell apart in the usual way, and...?
  7. The first track on 1989 was?
  8. What are the 3 voice memos Taylor released on the deluxe edition of 1989?
  9. Taylor's comeback album, reputation dropped what year?
  10. 2 artists were featured on the song End Game. Who were they?
  11. Reputation was the last album for Big Machine Records, what label was Lover released on?
  12. How many tracks were on Taylor's album Lover?
  13. Which two artists were featured on the album Lover? Note: ME! & Soon You'll Get Better
  14. What day did folklore come out?
  15. What kind of hairstyle did T Swizzle have on the album cover of evermore
  16. Taylor Swift lost the rights to albums debut thru reputation 😢. She decided to rerecord them, calling them "Taylor's Version" which album came first?
  17. Which Red TV vault track is featuring Chris Stapleton?
  18. Last question, which album of these was most popular? (FACT not opinion)

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