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How much do you know about Taylor Swift's reputation album? and other album's included, like red and speak now. play this short and fun quiz to find out! :)

Are you a mEGa, mEdlUm or a bAsiC swifte? or, OOBSESSED! like she is ur loml. please rate this quiz after taking it. This quiz includes questions about her tours, to finish the lyrics.

Created by: white-flower of my socials
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  1. When was the reputation album released?
  2. What does the phrase 'atwtmvtvftv' mean? ONLY TRUE SWIFITES WILL KNOW
  3. Finish the lyric: "ln shades of gray ln ____"
  4. "...Ready for lt" ls from which album? (pun intended ◔‿◔ )
  5. What does 'tv' mean? ONLY REAL SWIFITES WILL KNOW
  6. What's Taylor Swift's full name?
  7. Finish the lyrics: "So I play 'em like a violin_________"
  8. Finish the lyric "There's ____ on the floor after the ____
  9. What does 'rep' mean? - O_o
  10. What tour is Taylor Swift currently on, as of Nov 19/23
  11. What outfit did Taylor Swift wear to the 2023 VMA's - Arrival
  12. What did Taylor Swift wear for the after party at the '2023 VMA'S
  13. What was Taylor Swift's first album called?
  14. What kind of hairstyle did T Swizzle have on the album cover of evermore?
  15. Taylor Swift lost the rights to her albums debut thru reputation 😢 . She decided to rerecord them, calling them "Taylor's Version" which album came first?
  16. when did Taylor Swift first go on tour?
  17. What's the secret message ln All Too Well?
  18. Did Taylor Swift go on the red tour?
  19. who did Taylor feature in Everything Has Changed?
  20. What ls Taylor often called online by swifites? Hint: lt's starts with mot

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