How big of a Taylor Swift fan are you?

There are a lot of fans of music. Everyone has to love some type of music. With this quiz you will find out how big of a Taylor Swift fan you truly are.

Are you the biggest Taylor Swift fan? If you think you are take this test to see if you are correct. If you aren't the biggest Taylor Swift fan, then take this quiz anyway to see how much you really know about her. You might be very supprised at you outcomes.

Created by: Brooke
  1. What is Taylor Swift's middle name?
  2. What are Taylor Swift's parents names?
  3. Where and when was Taylor Swift born?
  4. What kind of farm did Taylor Swift grow up on?
  5. When was Taylor Swift discovered? And by who?
  6. What is Taylor Swift's lucky number?
  7. When Taylor Swift was 12, what did she do over the summer?
  8. How old was Taylor Swift when she worte her first song?
  9. What was the name of Taylor Swift's first song?
  10. What does Taylor Swift advertise on TV?
  11. What are the names of Taylor Swift's 5 albums?

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Quiz topic: How big of a Taylor Swift fan am I?