Do You Know Taylor Swift?

There are lot's of Taylor Swift geniuses. Are you one of them? Find out in this test. Taylor Swift is my favorite artist and do you know who her best friend is? Take a guess.

Are YOU a Taylor Swift know it all? Do you know all of the answers to Taylor Swift questions? If you do take this test. You well learn in just a few minutes if your a Taylor Swift genius.

Created by: Ping
  1. How old is Taylor Swift (2012)?
  2. Does Taylor Swift have a sibling? What's her or his name?
  3. What year did Taylor put out her album Speak Now?
  4. What is the highest award Taylor has won?
  5. What's the longest number of hours Taylor has autographed and sang?
  6. Is Artist of the Year given at the ACM's or CMT's?
  7. Where was Taylor's last show on her Speak Now World Tour?
  8. What date was her last show on the Speak Now World Tour?
  9. What year did Taylor put out Fearless?
  10. Who's Taylor's best friend?

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