Do you really know Taylor Swift

Taylor swift is a successful singer and amazing girl.She is sweet, kind,and talented.But only some people know almost everything about Taylor Swift.So I suggest taking this quiz to find out.

Do YOU know Taylor swift as well as i do?!I sure wonder if you do! No, seriously.But really, you never know if you know Taylor swift as well as I do.But still,you are going to find out.

Created by: Labby

  1. finish this song-Teardrops on my - What?
  2. What is Taylor Swift's lucky number?
  3. What is Taylor Swifts middle name?
  4. When is Taylor Swift's birthday?
  5. What is Taylor's total fave color?
  6. Who is Taylor Swift's best friend?
  7. Where was Taylor born?
  8. What are Taylor Swift's pets?
  9. True or False- Taylor Swift has a song called, "Better Than Revenge"
  10. Do you really know taylor Swift?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Taylor Swift