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Taylor Swift is one of the greatest singers of all time! She is: charming cute pretty a great singer a good hearted lady awesome friendly compassionate

I love Taylor Swift so much and I have met her and she said you must be my biggest fan so I am! But DO NOT look at the bios online then take the quiz Thanks FYI:A nine year old girl made this

Created by: Eden
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  1. How old is Taylor in October of 2012?
  2. What is Taylor's brother's name?
  3. Who is Taylor's best friend outside the music business?
  4. What hand does Taylor strum her guitar with?
  5. Who is Taylor's favorite celebrity?
  6. What is Taylor's favorite color?
  7. What is Taylor's favorite food?
  8. Lucky number?
  9. Taylor likes.......
  10. What are Taylor's parent's names?
  11. How tall is Taylor Swift?
  12. What is Taylor Swift's favorite T.V show?
  13. What is Taylor's favorite song that she wrote?
  14. Who ruined Taylor's VMA award?

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