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  • This is stupid! I know her favorite color is red (Okay, more like I think), she likes CSI, Kanye West disrupted her, she's 22 but she's 23 this year, and her brothers name is Austin. This quiz is pretty stupid! why? Because I know I at least got a couple right, and I get 0% on all of them, which means you didn't do the quiz right! Also, I really don't mean to be mean! And I'm REALLY sorry if I'm hurting your feelings! I really am! I don't like hurting people's feelings, but I kind a think this quiz is stupid. Sorry if I am hurting you!

    VIPYasmin, I was listening to "State Of Grace" right now!

  • I don't know anything about Taylor? That is just bull****!!!!!!!! I know many things about her like where she was born to her parent to all her songs lyrics!!!!!! So don't f****** said something like that. I think whoever made this quiz better go back and check the answer again. Do I know Taylor Swift? How about you? DO YOU KNOW TAYLOR SWIFT??????????????

  • I know nothin bout taylor? So not true. I bet u didnt know taylor's newest song is 'state of grace' n probably never even heard it yet, or 'i knew u were trouble', ur quiz sucks.

  • I do know a lot of things about her. This test is bulls***!!!!!!!!!!


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