How well do you know the perfume Wonderstruck?

Wonderstruck is Taylor Swift's perfume. How well do you know the facts behind it? Take this unique quiz to find out how much you know about this fragrance.

Do YOU know Wonderstruck? Or do you at least think you do? Well, if you take this quiz I guess we'll know the ultimate truth. Dadada....presenting MY QUIZ!

Created by: Grace
  1. Who is this perfume by?
  2. When did this perfume come out?
  3. How many charms are on the bottle?
  4. And what are those charms?
  5. What is on the sticker that is on the lid of the box?
  6. What song is the word "Wonderstruck" from?
  7. How much is the rollerball?
  8. What are the two sizes you can get Wonderstruck in?
  9. How long is the commercial?
  10. What do you get with your purchase of the 3.4 fluid oz. bottle of Wonderstruck?
  11. The designer who made the dress that appears on the ads makes clothing for what TV show?
  12. What color is the bottle?
  13. What shape/size is the bottle?
  14. What is the catchphrase?
  15. What does the dress look like?
  16. What color lipstick does Taylor wear in the ads?
  17. What did Taylor say about her fragrance?
  18. What is one of the catalogs you could have gotten a Wonderstruck sample in?
  19. Only a few more questions...What company did Taylor make her perfume under?
  20. What is Taylor doing in the beginning of the commercial?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the perfume Wonderstruck?