How Well Do You Know Taylor Swift's Songs

Taylor Swift is one of the greatest artists of our generation. You might believe you know all her songs by heart...but do you really? Well, I'm here to test that.

How well DO you know Taylor's songs? Can you ace this quiz and prove that YOU are the ultimate fan? Give it a shot, or maybe you ought to brush up on your Swift first. ;)

Created by: kmalfoi

  1. Which one of the following is NOT a Taylor Swift song?
  2. Which Taylor Swift song does this quote come from? "Walkin' the street with you and your worn-out jeans. I can't help thinkin' this is how it ought to be."
  3. Which album featured the song 'Hey Stephen'
  4. Which song did Taylor write about Joe Jonas?
  5. In which song does this quote come from? "You throw you're head back laughin' like a little kid. I'm glad that you think I"m funny, 'cause he never did."
  6. Which song does this quote come from? "Forgiving him was like trying to know somebody you never met."
  7. Which of the following was NOT on Taylor's first album?
  8. Which is NOT a Taylor Swift song?
  9. Which song did Taylor supposedly write about John Mayer?
  10. Which one of these songs does NOT contain some boy's name?
  11. Which song contains the quote, "Well, you drive me crazy have the time. The other half I'm only tryin' let you know that what I feel is true."
  12. Which color is NOT mentioned in the song 'Red'?

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