What Sisters Grimm Charecter Are You?

DO YOU LOVE SISTERS GRIMM BOOKS? Part of the reason they are so good is because of the charectors, Sabrina and Daphne and how they are so diffeant! The cover may be the body of a book, but the charectors are the heart!

Are YOU more like SABRINA or DAPHNE? Stubborn or sunny? Curious or cute...sneaky or sweet... Why don't you take this quiz and find out? We are the Grimms and this is what we do...

Created by: Loe

  1. What do you think of danger?
  2. at school, you are:
  3. adults describe you as:
  4. you hate it when:
  5. are you a girly girl, a tomboy, or in between?
  6. you get A f on a test. you....
  7. your dream carreeer is....
  8. when coming up with a plan you are best at...
  9. do you believe in magic?
  10. if someone needed help but you could die helping them you wuold....
  11. what do you think about crushes?
  12. when it comes to talent....
  13. ok, last question......do you care about looks?
  14. for books your favorite is
  15. are you a good guy or a bad guy>?
  16. SORRY I LIED ABOUT LAST QUESTION....Um..the word to describwe you is..

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Quiz topic: What Sisters Grimm Charecter am I?