Which Little Woman Are you?

The four March sisters of Lousia May Alcott's classic novel Little Women each have a unique personality. Which of the sisters do you resemble the most?

Answer the following questions to learn whether you're most like Meg, the sensible eldest March sister; Jo, the passionate second oldest; Beth, the kind third-born; or Amy, the charming youngest sister.

Created by: Meredith

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  1. Your favorite pastime is
  2. The most important thing in life is
  3. Your greatest strength is your
  4. Your greatest weakness is your
  5. Your sister just did something that totally pissed you off. Your response is to
  6. Your dream guy would be
  7. You would be most likely to ruin
  8. Your favorite outfit consists of
  9. Before you die, you want to get
  10. Your ideal Christmas present would be
  11. Contentment comes from having

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Quiz topic: Which Little Woman am I?