Little Women book review

This is my book review assignment for my second hour class. Its about the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Little Women is about four girls going through the physical and mental obsticales of life. They learn what it takes to be a full grown women and never forget it cause they have to be woman for the rest of their lives.

Created by: Angelica Stout
  1. The main characters: Margret March (Amy) Josephine March (Jo) Elizabeth March (Beth) Amy March
  2. Place: Orchard House in Conord Massachusetts
  3. Margaret March (Meg): Margaret starts off as a young 17 year old woman. She feels sad about how other girls have more things then she does but soon learns that she has more then them. Her family's love. She learns as she grows and watch her sisters grow. She earlier then her sisters she is the first to marry and have children.
  4. Josephine March (Jo): Josephine in the begining of the story is a 16 year old who doesn't really like to be a female. Wanting and acting like a boy. But she learns that she doesn't have to be a boy to be strong because since the girls father is away she's been more like a man of the house while he's gone. Later she gets married last.
  5. Elizabeth March (Beth): Beth is the quiet and more kinder and sweeter then her other sisters. She is 13 in the begining of the story. She knows that she has a great family and loves her home no matter how poor they were. But she got sick with scarlet fever and she changed. Later on she questions what will happen to her as she watches her sisters grow. She soon dies with her family and friends morning for the rest of their lives. Missing her beautiful talent and nature.
  6. Amy March: Amy, young for her age she wants to have everything because she feels sad because her family is poor. She wants to be popular and have everything and get married to a rich man. Favored by her Aunt, she travels to Europe she becomes lonely and learns to not be greedy. She misses her home and what she had there. Later on she meets up with Laurie and together out of lonelyness they fall in love. They get married and travel home together. When her and her sisters meet she realize that her dream came true. She married to a rich man. But she didn't care about that any more.
  7. The four girls learn through their hardships throughout their lives and become more like young woman. They realize that they have something more then any rich person could have. And thats their love for each other. The bond between sisters, mother and daughter, father and daughter, friends and husbin and wife.
  8. The author was Louisa May Alcott who lived 1832-1888. Living through the Civil War period. She was born in Pennsylvania and died in Boston.
  9. This is my book review Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.
  10. Genre: Realistic fiction
  11. Reconmended to people who enjoy life like books about people.
  12. Hope you enjoyed it!

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