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Created by: Goyo

  1. What elements possess four valence electrons?
  2. Electrons at the outermost shell are called ______.
  3. What two elements widely used in semiconductor devices that exhibit both metallic and non-metallic characteristics?
  4. The name of a pure semiconductor material that has an equal number of electrons and holes.
  5. What type of material is formed when trivalent material is doped with silicon or germanium?
  6. _______ is the excess of property of P-type semiconductor.
  7. A device that is formed when an N type and P type semiconductor are brought together.
  8. The arrow in the schematic symbol for a diode points which way?
  9. What is the most important specification for semiconductor diode?
  10. The reverse current of in a diode is of the order of ______.

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