Advanced English 10 Semester 2 FINAL Review Part 2

This is a review quiz for studying for the Advanced English 10 Semester 2 Final Exam, 2018. This is actually Part 2, and part 1 can be found with the same title except with part 1 instead of 2.

The goal of this quiz is to help you study, so please use it accordingly, and please actually try. Also do not leave anything blank or it will affect your score.

Created by: AlexanduhHi

  1. In Shakespeare's tragedies, what is the term for the turning point that determines how the play will end?
  2. Which best describes the concept of comic relief in Shakespeare's tragedies?
  3. What is the term for the personality trait that leads to the hero's downfall in Shakespeare's tragedies?
  4. Which is the term for a long speech delivered by one character and heard by other characters?
  5. Which of the following answer choices is an example of an internal conflict?
  6. Which is the best definition of a tragedy?
  7. Which answer choice provides the correct definition of an iamb?
  8. Which of the following qualities would typically not be considered a tragic flaw?
  9. Which is the best definition of an aside?
  10. Which of these is an example of an external conflict?
  11. Which of Shakespeare's characters typically speak in iambic pentameter?
  12. In a shakespearean tragedy, what is the climax?
  13. Which is the best definition of imagery?
  14. In a literary text, what are glosses?
  15. Which of the following statements makes an accurate observation about Shakespeare's use of imagery in his plays?
  16. What is the dramatis personae?
  17. In drama, what is a foil?
  18. Which of the following best summarizes the prologue of Antigone?
  19. Why does Ismene plead with Antigone not to defy Creon?
  20. Why does Antigone want to bury Polyneices?
  21. According to Antigone, why is she defying Creon?
  22. Which is the main conflict that drives Antigone's plot?
  23. Who is the play's antagonist?
  24. Which of the following best explains why Creon decrees that Polyneices should go unburied?
  25. Which character or characters experience the major external conflict in the play?
  26. What characteristic does Creon reveal in the following words? This girl is guilty of a double insolence, / Breaking the given laws and boasting of it. / Who is the man here, / She or I, if this crime goes unpunished?
  27. Which of the following best shows that Antigone is the protagonist of the play?
  28. Which of the following words best describes Creon's character?
  29. Which of the following might best describe Antigone's tragic flaw?
  30. Which of the following might best describe Creon's tragic flaw?
  31. Which of the following makes Creon regret his actions?
  32. Which of the following best summarizes what happens to Creon?
  33. Which of these situations faced by a character most clearly involves conflicting ideas or values?
  34. Which of the following is true of Greek tragedies?
  35. What is often true of the main characters in Greek tragedies?
  36. Which answer choice best defines tragic flaw?
  37. In Greek tragedies, tragic flaws often take the form of...
  38. Which is a literary device which involves repetition of certain sounds?
  39. Which is a literary device which involves like or as?
  40. Which is a literary device which involves using an object in a way which does not seem natural but reveals a deeper truth?
  41. Which is a literary device which involves applying human characteristics to non-human objects?
  42. Part of tragedy where thanksgiving to Dionysus is performed by chorus
  43. Concluding part of the tragedy, the final scene.
  44. Additional songs which divide the scenes.
  45. The opening song of a Greek tragedy.
  46. Group of people that sing/chant between scenes
  47. Experiences a reversal of fortune due to hamartia
  48. Excessive pride punished by the gods
  49. whirlpool
  50. befriends Odysseus
  51. messenger of the gods
  52. Husband of Helen
  53. says opening invocation
  54. one-eyed Kyklops
  55. sorceress; transforms men into beasts
  56. blind minstrel
  57. murderer of Agamemnon
  58. seven headed monster

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