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  • 100%

    AliZoey Jan 2 '12, 8:18PM
  • I got 0%

    lilfreakgryl Nov 24 '10, 3:15PM
  • 80%. :D

    Biance Nov 24 '10, 3:05PM
  • 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! I knew that I knew everything about her but still.

    Tiff13 Nov 23 '10, 9:35PM
  • 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! I already knew EVERYTHING about her. Well, I am her cousin, (In some sort of messed up way), But my username, Isn't my real name, so you can't research that.

    Amywhite Nov 23 '10, 7:11PM

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