Are you a fan of Taylor Swift

This is a quiz about "Are you a fan of Taylor Swift?"It will test you if you are a huge fan of hers.Lets see how much you really know about Taylor Swift

Do you know lots of information about Taylor Swift if you do we will see that.If you don't know that much information about her we will see about how much you actually know her

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  1. Would you like to meet Taylor Swift
  2. Do you Like Taylor Swift's songs
  3. When is Taylor Swift's birthday
  4. Would Taylor Swift Like you
  5. How old is Taylor Swift
  6. What is Taylor Swift scared of
  7. What is Taylor Swift's favourite food
  8. What was the first song that Taylor Swift wrote
  9. What is taylor Swift's favourite number
  10. What is Taylor Swift's favourite season

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Quiz topic: Am I a fan of Taylor Swift