How well do you know Taylor Swift?

How well do you know Taylor Swift and her music? Do you know every word to every song? Do you know how she has teased her albums? Test your knowledge here.

You will be asked questions about lyrics, the writing processes to her songs, original titles of things, and more! Find out if you know a lot about her!

Created by: Louise Geri

  1. Let's start easy. What is the title of her only album that starts with "L"?
  2. What song did she say "The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now" in?
  3. Finish the lyric "You belong with..."
  4. It's getting harder! What was her first pop album?
  5. What's the title of her third album?
  6. Finish the song title: I Knew You Were...
  7. Next level! What was the original title of her album "Speak Now"?
  8. What is the Track Five theory?
  9. What did she post clips of leading up to the Reputation album release?
  10. Expert level! What was the original title of her song Change?
  11. What were the first lyrics released from her song "Daylight"?
  12. What did she originally try to write "I Almost Do" on?
  13. How long did it take to write "The Archer"?
  14. What celebrities' cabin was the Tim McGraw music video filmed at?
  15. Who was the co-writer of "The Way I Loved You"?
  16. Which of these is a lyric to "Heart Eyes"?
  17. What was the order that these songs were written in:I Wish You Would, You Are In Love, Out Of The Woods, Sweeter Than Fiction
  18. At the Reputation Stadium Tour, what shape are the wristbands programmed to be for "King Of My Heart"?
  19. What is Selena Gomez's favorite song on Speak Now?
  20. Finally, why did she perform "Should've Said No" at the Reputation Stadium Tour?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Taylor Swift?