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  • Thx for this quiz Tiff, 95%!!!! Yay like you said in the comment, maybe a harder quiz??? I cou,d help you!

    Taytay13 Jul 20 '15, 1:13AM
  • Your welcome but my names not tiff. My nick-name is tiff because i always cause problems....a tiff. And the 13 came from my lucky #.

    Tiff13 Dec 3 '10, 6:56PM
  • Thanks Tiff! :)

    Biance Dec 3 '10, 5:01PM
  • Good job Biance! I didn't think that anybody would score over 75%!

    Tiff13 Dec 3 '10, 3:11PM
  • 80% :P

    Biance Dec 2 '10, 9:23PM

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