How well do you know Taylor Swift ?

This is the ultimate Taylor swift quiz as of April 2019. If you are a Swiftie and confident about it, take this quiz! It makes you remember all the intricate details of her.

This quiz has questions from her music, her personal life as well as her family. If you think you know her well inside out then here is the Chance to test.

Created by: Tanusree

  1. Which one is a totally self written album by Taylor?
  2. Name Taylor's latest adopted cat.
  3. When did Taylor's latest single release as of 4/28/2019?
  4. Who directed the Video Me! Alongside Taylor?
  5. Which animal is Taylor using to promote her 7th studio album?
  6. What is Taylor's spirit animal?
  7. Which rapper did she feature in a single of her Reputation album?
  8. How many people are followed by Taylor on Instagram?
  9. What is the last track in the reputation album?
  10. What is Taylor's secret talent?
  11. What is her brother's middle name?
  12. "She lost him, but she found herself. And somehow it was everything" is the last line of which music video?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Taylor Swift ?