How well do you know TAYLOR SWIFT?

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There are many people who like Taylor Swift and many people who hate Taylor Swift.This quiz allows you to test your skills on the one and only Taylor Swift.Enjoy!!

Are YOU the ultimate Taylor Swift fan?! To find out, Take This Quiz!!If you have any complaints, please write us a comment and we will try to fix them!!!

Created by: Andria/cousins

  1. What is Taylor Swifts middle name?
  2. When is Taylor Swifts birthday?
  3. Where was Taylor Swift born?
  4. What is Taylor Swifts favorite color?
  5. What is Taylor Swifts favorite food?
  6. What Taylor Swifts favorite holiday?
  7. What is Taylor Swifts favorite hobby?
  8. What is Taylors Swifts fav place
  9. Whats Taylor Swifts favorite season?
  10. What is Taylor SWifts favorite thing to do?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know TAYLOR SWIFT?