How big of a Taylor Swift fan are you?

How well do you know Taylor Swift's albums and tours? This quiz will tell you whether you are a super swiftie, swiftie, or fan of Taylor Swift! This quiz will have questions about tours, lines in songs, and the albums!

You can test your knowledge of Taylor Swift with this quiz which will make you remind yourself of the lines in songs and parts of her album's eras that really make the album special.

Created by: Elizabeth

  1. What was the name of Taylor Swift's tour for her album Reputation?
  2. Which album was Red?
  3. Which of Taylor Swift's albums have won the Grammy award for Album of the Year?
  4. Which song was not included on the Reputation Stadium Tour setlist?
  5. What song is the line "I loved you in secret" from?
  6. Who opened up the Fearless Tour?
  7. What is track five known for?
  8. What was the backstage party for the Speak Now World Tour called?
  9. What car is referenced in the song Tim McGraw?
  10. What is the liner note to the song Innocent?
  11. Where did Taylor Swift open the 1989 World Tour?

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Quiz topic: How big of a Taylor Swift fan am I?