How well do you know Home Improvement?

Do you want to really know how what you know about the Taylor Family and the parents, the kids, and the episodes! Well take the quiz and find out what do you about the show! Try to ace your best in getting the answers right! I hope you do well.

Do you know what it takes to be one of the Taylor parents, kids, and episodes by taking this actual quiz! and find out are you watch the show a ton of times! Be a member to the quiz and try to get the answers correct! Hope you do good!

Created by: Sammi
  1. On the final episode, where did Carmen's wedding take place?
  2. Which of the Taylor children is good at karate?
  3. In the episode "To Build or Not to Build", what does Randy try to build, but fails in the end?
  4. In what episode did Carmen help Randy with a bully at the mall?
  5. Which one of the Taylors has to get glasses in the fourth season?
  6. What college offers Brad a soccer scholarship?
  7. When Carmen is making a video about the Taylor family, what does Jill call her college professor while the camera is rolling?
  8. Why doesn't Brad play dodgeball in the episode "Dodgeball"?
  9. What elective did Carmen want to go to in the episode "Electives"?
  10. What sport was Carmen playing while she was the hall monitor in the episode "Hallways"?
  11. What is Carmen's nickname?
  12. In what episode did Randy get his braces off and Carmen protests about it?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Home Improvement?