SagNasty Rocks My Socks!

Saginaw Michigan anyone that has ever called this crumbling City home will get a kick out of this quiz! Its funny, lewd, inappropriate and will remind you of home :-)

let us test your Sagnasty knowledge. Guaranteed to make you learn something you never knew about this Murder Capital we all call Home! Now take this quiz and show us what you're working with !

Created by: TDubbz
  1. What famous Singer calls Sagnasty Home?
  2. Saginaws Former Female Mayor's Last name was?
  3. What words of wisdom do Saginaw citizens give Out-of Towners?
  4. What is Saginaw Famous for maufacturing?
  5. Is it necessary to Lock your doors in Saginaw?
  6. What professional Athletes Hail outta the Nasty?
  7. What kind of beanie baby does saginaw produce?*hint its a famous Saginaw Sign!
  8. What high school had a riot?
  9. What was the Dow Event Center formerly called?
  10. What is the reason there is no longer a Gus Macker 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament held in Saginaw?

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