True Fans Family Guy Quiz

This quiz will stomp average watcher of family guy with detailed questions from specific episodes. If you are a true fan come try your logic on family guy.

If you score high then congrats maybe take a break from the show and explore new ones, if you score low go back and rewatch it and try again. Its the small details that matter.

Created by: Will
  1. What was Peter's real first name before getting it changed
  2. What is the Griffins address
  3. Why is Chris hair blonde
  4. What year did Family Guy originally aired
  5. What is Meg's real name
  6. What did Stewie do in an attempt to rekindle him and Brian's friendship
  7. What was the name of Brian and Stewie's band
  8. What did Quagmire dad change his name to
  9. What is the name of Brians cousin
  10. Who killed Diane Simmons
  11. Where were Peter and his friends going before the plane crashed in the episode "Bigfat"
  12. What is Stewie middle name
  13. Why did Peter shoot Cleveland Jr,
  14. What is the name of Peters stepfather
  15. What type of business does Mort Goldman own
  16. Why did Peter and the Giant Chicken originally start fighting
  17. What was the name of the Korean soap opera Quagmire starred in
  18. What sport does Meg play in the Olympics
  19. What was the name of the shut-in Brian had to watch
  20. What is the name of the show Brian son starred in
  21. What was the name of Peter's twin the grew out of his shoulder
  22. How were there two sets of Stewies and Brians in Vegas
  23. Who is Peter deaf coworker
  24. What was the story Joe told on why he was handicapped
  25. What is the name of Joe's daughter
  26. What play did Peter attempt to direct in season 2
  27. What did Peter buy for meg instead of her first car
  28. What was the name of the country Peter created
  29. Who has a crush on Meg
  30. Why did Peter go blind
  31. What is Peter Moms name

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