Family Guy Challenge

Do you have the time and patience to take this Family Guy quiz? It has many questions and they are challenging believe me they are but if you can do it then go ahead and take the quiz!

Can you do it? are you prepared? For the Family Guy quiz? You have to be a true Family Guy Fan to know all of these questions this is a strenuous test!

Created by: steven swazex
  1. How old is Stewie?
  2. What address is the Griffin residence?
  3. Who is the elderly man who likes Chris?
  4. Who is the owner of the drunken clam?
  5. What is the name of the giant chicken who Peter fights with?
  6. What date was the pilot episode of Family Guy?
  7. Cleveland was the former owner of a...
  8. In the episode Da Boom what do the griffins try to find?
  9. When do new episodes of Family Guy air?
  10. Who is usually the performer when Peter says " Ladies and gentlemen, Mister...
  11. Joe is a...
  12. Joe has said to have broken his legs by fighting the grinch and falling off a rooftop but in Joe's Revenge he actually got his legs broken by...
  13. Peter turns into the hulk in what episode?
  14. What episode features a cutaway with dr bunsen honeydew and Peter as beaker?
  15. What episode features Brian and Stewie going into Fjurg Van Der Ploeg's bakery? (swedish bakery)?
  16. The owner of Quahog mini mart is...
  17. Carter Pewterschmidt is Peter's...
  18. What episode features only Brian and Stewie
  19. in Mcstroke, what burger restaurant does peter sew?
  20. How old is Quagmire?
  21. Stewie's teddy bears name is...
  22. In what episode does Peter try to lose weight but ends up choking on a rice cake?
  23. In what episode of Family Guy features Homer simpson being voiced by his real voice actor? (Dan Castellaneta)
  24. Who is Peter's real dad?
  25. Peter's first fight encounter with the giant chicken is in what episode?
  26. Chris is voiced by...
  27. Out of the list of episodes below, what episode do you think will be the first to air in 2013? "¢Jesus, Mary & Joseph "¢Brian's Play "¢Space Cadet
  28. How old is Peter?
  29. Who are the two current news anchors for channel 5 action news?
  30. What movie is Peter Obsessed with?
  32. In what episode features a cutaway with Peter and his co - workers making fun of his boots?
  33. In what episode does Adam West say " Wow! Did I just bite into a york peppermint patty?"
  34. What episode aired on November 9 2009?
  35. Are you ready for the final three questions?
  36. Peter demands flapjacks in what episode?
  37. Quahog is a fictional city in Family Guy but what real city is Quahog set up as in Rhode Island?
  38. What viewer mail segment includes Peter turning people into Robin Williams?

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