The Ultimate Quiz on Sean! Are you ready?!

I am Sean, as many of you will already know. If you have known me long enough I should hope that you know a little bit about me. If you don't know me then, first of all, well done for finding me and hello.

If you do think you know a bit about a challenge you to take my quiz. If you don't me I challenge you to see how good you are at guessing. Some of the questions are pretty simple, but others might challenge you to think a bit more.

Created by: lochoich2
  1. What house number do I live at?
  2. When is my birthday?
  3. What is my middle name?
  4. What day of the week was I born on?
  5. What are my parents' names?
  6. What is the name of the primary school that I attended?
  7. What is the name of the house I am in at school?
  8. What do I hate more than anything else in the world?
  9. What is my favourite colour?
  10. What colour is the front door of my house?
  11. What is my favourite meal?
  12. What do I hate second most in the world?
  13. I just took an online IQ test. What was my score?

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Quiz topic: The Ultimate Quiz on Sean! am I ready?!