Which Zoey 101 Character Are You?

Have you ever wondered what ZOEY 101 character you are? If you have, this quiz is perfect for you! In the magical walls of this quiz, you will answer 12 delicious questions to find out who you are most like in ZOEY 101. Are you ready? This quiz might BLOW YOUR MIND!

If your name is SEAN and you are taking this, HI! Do you like my wicked hilarious introduction paragraph? I'm even using GOOD ENGLISH like the directions told me to! Yay! Time to take my quiz now!

Created by: May
  1. Right now, you would rather be:
  2. When you meet someone you like, you:
  3. What is your worst nightmare?
  4. Your dream vacation is:
  5. Dream job?
  6. Scenario: Your parents surprise you by telling you that you're going to Costa Rica over the summer! You say:
  7. First day of school outfit?
  8. Favorite school subject?
  9. Your friend isn't talking to you. You:
  10. Where are you on a friday night?

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Quiz topic: Which Zoey 101 Character am I?