If you were the President, what country would you blow up?

Everybody wants to be the President. They'd make the world perfect in their mind. Of, course problems would arise that would make you tremble. But who would cause these problems? How do you fix them?

How about launching missles. Of course, you need a target. So, what country are you most likely to spaz at and blow up? Since you probably don't want to test it in real life, try this quiz!

Created by: Nick

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  1. 2+2=?
  2. which phrase best describes your emotions when you hear this word- Walmart
  3. If faced with a tough decision, you...
  4. Who would win in a battle?
  5. I like the ________ the most.
  6. WTF means
  7. 867-5309
  8. What is a computer?
  9. What music is good?
  10. A river means

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