Which Blow Main Character Are You?

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This Is The Quiz I Made For My New Show Blow About A Boy Named Ben Who Is In Touch With His Distant Relatives Proved By In The Show How Much Attention He Presents To His Great-Great-Grandparents His Father Steve Is Fired Resulting In Moving Into Steve's Great-Grandparents's House

This Show Is Meant To Teach Show Fans About Equal Rights Teach Show Fans Importance Of Responsibility And To Show How Much People Do For Us And To Appreciate And Help

Created by: Cameron Mattice

  1. How Many Children Do You Have?
  2. We're You Ever Fired
  3. Do You/Did You Love Your Great-Grandparents You Have/Did Have
  4. Do You Work Hard For Your Family
  5. Do You Have Success Obsess
  6. How Old Are You Or Must Close To
  7. What Did You Call Your Older Great-Grandparents
  8. What's Your Gender
  9. Are You Psychic
  10. Do You Have An Eidetic Memory

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Quiz topic: Which Blow Main Character am I?