Which Mew Mew Character Are You?

Have you ever watched Mew mew power and wondered which character you are most like. Well, here's your chance to find out. Are you: Zoey Hanson is part teenager, part Wild Mountain Cat and 100% whacky! As the fearless leader of the Mew Mews, Zoey is under a lot of pressure to prioritize. Should she protect the planet from an extra-terrestrial attack or go out on a date with the cutest boy in school? Don't worry. She's got it under control...except for the odd freak-out. Zoey Hanson: The modern supergirl with a passion for pink, a penchant for drama and a personality Corina Bucksworth is part blue-blood heiress, part Blue Lorikeet, and all diva! What's a spoiled little rich girl to do? Battling ill-mannered aliens, taking advanced ballet lessons and working at the Cafe Mew Mew (well...barely) can really cut into your shopping time. Oh well, such is the life of a Mew Mew! Whether it's a wicked drop-kick or a withering wise-crack, Corina's always there to help...or at least tell someone else to do it. Bridget Verdant is part bookworm, part porpoise and one big sweetheart! Don't let that bookish exterior fool you! She may be dainty and demure on the surface, but when it comes to battling 50-foot alien life forms, this girl's no withering wallflower! If you're looking for brains and beauty, loyalty and loveliness, look no further than Bridget Verdant - a high-powered heroine with hair of green and a heard of gold

Kiki Benjamin is part acrobat, part primate and all show-off! As the youngest of the Mew Mews, Kiki really knows how to turn on the charm. Whether she's balancing twirling trays of teacakes, or performing a series of breath-taking backflips, this little monkey knows how to raise a smile or two! But don't worry! When it's back to business, Kiki's fancy footwork keeps the bad guys on the run! Kiki Benjamin: She may be little...but she can still kick butt! Renee Roberts is part super-model, part Gray Wolf and a whole lot of attitude! It took a lot to get this way-cool covergirl to leave the limelight and join the Mew Mew team, but when she did, she brought a hipster vibe and a high-fashion flair that leaves the local boys shaking and the bad guys quaking! Whether brandishing and purple dagger or a brand new pair of designer boots, Renee Roberts is the toughest teen queen on the scene!

Created by: Elisabeth Brewer
  1. What Would You Like To do When You Grow up?
  2. Whats Your Favourite Colour?
  3. What is your Favourite Animal?
  4. What kind of Personality have you got?
  5. What age are you nearest to?
  6. Whats your favourite school subject?
  7. What's your worst fear?
  8. What's your favourite food?
  9. Where would your dream house be?
  10. What would you do on a saturday night?

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