Which Grey Griffin Character Are You?

the Grey Grffins are a couple of kids from an extremely ordinary town. But when danger comes, the Grey Griffins rise ti the challenge and call of destiny. Which Grey Griffin are you?

Are you a Grey Griffin fan? Have you ever wondered which Grey Griffin character you are most like? Well now's your chance. You can find out who you would most likely be in their world.

Created by: Eryn Terran
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  1. Are you a fearful person?
  2. Do you think you are a smart person?
  3. Do you like speakingin riddles?
  4. Are you a kung fu master????
  5. Can you do magic?
  6. DO you eat constantly and never gain weight?
  7. Can you speak another language?
  8. Do you like werewolves?
  9. Do you love adventure?
  10. Last question. I have to ask. Did you like this quiz? This has no effect. Be honest and please say yes.
  11. If you suddenly became a Changeling(infused with Faerie blood), what would your reaction be?
  12. If you found out you were part of the Templar Knights, your reaction?
  13. Your parents divorced and you finally get a call from your dad. He invites you to Scotland for Christmas. Your father gets kidnapped by a thousand year old witch. She asks for the Spear of Ragnorak, which destroys the entire world. You get it and offer it to her. Your father takes it and offers you the world. Your father has betrayed the entire world. Similar to the Luke/Darth Vader Star Wars scenario. Your reaction?

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Quiz topic: Which Grey Griffin Character am I?