Grey Fantail lover

This quiz is about seeing how much you really know about the grey fantail. This quiz tests your knowledge on the beautiful grey fantail to see if you are a real grey fantail fan!!

Are YOU a grey fantail genius?? Do you have what it takes to take this test? Are you brave enough and up for a challenge?? Well this is the test for you!!

Created by: Olivia

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  1. What do grey fan tails eat?
  2. What does the grey fantail's nest look like?
  3. What colour is the grey fantail?
  4. What sound does a grey fantail make?
  5. In winter, where does the grey fantail migrate to ?
  6. What types of insects do grey fantail's eat?
  7. What is destinctive of the grey fantail?
  8. Where does the grey fantail live?
  9. Where does the grey fantail make his nest?
  10. Are grey fantails native?

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