We've been put through hell with the heartbreaks, death, and struggles of Grey's Anatomy, but do you REALLY know everything there is to know about the tear-filled show?

Are YOU a TRUE Grey's Anatomy fan? Do You have what it takes to pass this quiz? Are you as smart as Christina, Alex, or Meredith? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Alexander Hamilton
  1. Which STD does George get from Nurse Olivia?
  2. Meredith and Derek had three children. What were their names?
  3. How many sisters does Derek Shepherd have?
  4. Who gave Derek the name "McDreamy"
  5. Derek and Addison were never meant to work out. The couple got a divorce after Addison found what?
  6. Who are the Seattle Grace Five?
  7. After the pan crash, what was it that Christina was strangely attached to?
  8. Which of the original surgical interns are still at the hospital?
  9. What was printed on Derek's, and eventually Merediths, scrub cap?
  10. Who has not lived at Meredith's mom's house?
  11. What did Derek (almost) always say before surgery?

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